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Thank you for your interest in our products and welcome to our World Wide Web site. We hope you find this site useful and informative. We're enhancing it constantly. So come back and visit often.

We provide software and hardware solutions to access OS-9 disks on DOS/WIN PC (OS9MAX) and to backup any kind of OS-9 media on DOS/WIN PC (CD-Recorder or Network) or VMEbus systems. A wide range of OS-9 medias are accessable from PC (PCMCIA PC-Cards with flash memory or SRAM, hard disk drives, diskettes, SyQuest Catridges, MOD, ZIP media, EzFlyer media, and any other SCSI media). The latest OS9MAX version makes any PC or even Notebooks capable of programming and editing OS-9 SRAM and FLASH PCMCIA chipcards (PC Cards).

Our software OS9MAX has been introduced to the worldwide OS-9 community through Radisys/Microware's Pipeline publication. Radisys is the manufacturer of the VMEbus realtime operating system OS-9. Since that time we had constantly enhanced our software and we are now proud to present a large number of OS-9 media we are capable to access from DOS and WINDOWS PC.

DTR is a Radisys/Microware Consulting Partner and provides assistance in any question regarding OS-9 disk drive maintenance and data conversion.

Our OS-9/680x0 devTOOL package provides a complete set of OS-9 tools. It is available with complete source code. The devTOOL package includes many special 'inside' OS-9 functions and supports real developers needs. This will minimize your program design time. The devTOOL package has been introduced to the worldwide OS-9 usership by Radisys/Microware through their Pipelines publication (Vol 8 Nr.1).

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