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DTR Products

Support for 2/4 TB OS-9 partitions
Windows 8.1 update
New release covers all clients requests
Faster disk R/W cache speeds up all functions
Defragment OS-9 disks
Intel/Motorola/Small/Big Endian formats are adjustable
Enhanced disk recovery functions
Adjustable font size
Command line can start multiple commands directly (-c="dir;format;exit")
New command "DCLEAN" wipes unused areas for smaller disk images
New cache algorithm & faster disk access
64-Bit technology for HDD > 4GB
New disk formats descriptors
Low Level Format Command now supports ILV & SKEW
OS-9 68K/ X86/ ARM/ OS9K OS-9000 Support
Recursive Copy from and to OS-9 disk
Updated command history functions and keys (Ctrl-A,-E,-X)
Backup and Restore OS-9 disks via TCP/IP
Emergency utilities recovers lost OS-9 disk files and dirs
Recursive import and export (copy from PC to OS-9 disk including subdirs)
OS9MAX64 finds automatically all OS-9 partitions on each media
OS9MAX64 finds automatically all lost OS-9 files and directories

OS9MAX64 Windows 7/8 Release

OS9MAX64 & Tools Screen Shots

New High Level Format Tool for HDD/MO/PC Cards

Automatic detection of all attached OS-9 devices Win9x/ME

Automatic detection of all attached OS-9 devices Windows 2000

Automatic detection of all attached OS-9 devices Windows XP

OS9MAX64 now scans automatically for all OS-9 partitions on a single disk

Enhanced disk analysis and backup tools

New Utility provides recursive export/copy for OS9MAX

Backup OS-9 disks via network

Enhanced SCSI supporting tools

Defragment OS-9 Disks

DTR Products