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OS-9 IS0-9660 File Manager

Read all CD-ROMs with OS-9 VMEbus Systems

File Manager and device driver available for SCSI CD-ROM drives.

We have the following ISO-9660 file managers available from stock, please contact us for product details and demo versions.


The CD-ROM File Manager for OS9/68K from U.S.A.

CDF is a CD-ROM file manager for OS9/68K. It makes the CD-ROM look like a hard-drive to the operating system. Standard OS9 commands and programs can directly access files on CD-ROM, allowing the user access to the wealth of picture and sound information stored on CD.

CDF requires an OS9/68K based computer with SCSI interface, a SCSI CD-ROM drive, and appropriate cabling.

This package includes the File Manager (CDF), the drive Descriptor (CDR), and the Driver (RBROM). All systems will require a SCSI Sub-routine package for the SCSI interface in their computer (usually used for SCSI Hard-drives).


First set the id# of your CD-ROM drive to 1. This is usually done by installing jumpers (generally identified by a # adjacent to the jumper) on the back of the drive (check your manual). In general you should only need one jumper installed (no parity or ATN jumpers). Install the drive in the bay of your choice and connect the power plug and SCSI cable connector. If there is not an empty connector on your SCSI cable, you will need to add one (or purchase a new cable). You may wish to install an audio cable to route the sound from audio CDs to your external speakers. Once you have the CD-ROM drive installed and connected properly, you may with to power up your computer and follow the 'testing' directions to verify proper operation.


If you have an OS9/68K system other than an MM/1, your SCSI sub-routine package will have a different name than SCSI MM1D. Any SCSI sub-routine package that follows the Radisys/Microware SCSIpak standard will work with the rest of the modules supplied. Simply change the name 'SCSI MM1D' in the module CDR (using ded or moded, on a BACKUP copy of the disk) to the name of your particular sub-routine package (usually named 'scsi........'). Then follow the instructions for testing and MM/1 installation.


After installing your CD-ROM drive, you may wish to test it prior to building a new bootfile. Simply insert the distribution disk (or a backup of it) into your /d0 floppy drive and ...

Type the following commands

load /d0/cdf
load /d0/rbrom
load /d0/cdr

Insert a CD-ROM disk in your CD-ROM drive and ...

Type the following commands

dir /cdr

You should see a directory of the root of the CD-ROM. If not, verify that the scsi id# is set to 1 on the drive. Play around with your disc's directories and if there are any picture or sound files gif, wav, etc), use the appropriate utilities to view or play them (gifshow, wavplay, etc).


The CD-ROM File Manager for OS9/68K from Germany

The CDFM package comes with no special driver. Only a CDFM File Manager and a device descriptor (source) is provided on the shipping diskette.

OS-9 modules on shippnig disk

CDFM (File Manager)
CD0.A (Descriptor Source)
FMDESC.A (Support File)
DEFSFILE (Support File)